Litesha Bailey, popularly known as Teè Leonie is a vibrant young lady, born within the heart of the Wolverhampton, UK and is the second child to her parents. Full of eccentricity, Teè Leonie has the voice of a goddess which is portrayed through her Neo - soul/ Rnb vocals to which she utilises her composing talents cleverly in her ambition to take on the world and spread her concious uplifting messages. The blackcountry made artists’ influence in music derived from Mother and her cousin Janet Kay (also a well artist) who always had artists such as Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin and many more playing within their home, this is where her inspiration to explore music was initiated. From a very young age, the talented singer has been involved within the choir, orchestra etc, playing the violin, trumpet, flute, piano and curently mastering the guitar. 


In 2020, despite the current pandemic, this was a year of accumulating progression and prosperity for the singer – songwriter as she was determined and became able to, starr upon Solihull Radio sharing a snipper of her works in progress as well as rendtions of well know covers ofwhich she had been devising upon her youtube channel, creating a platform to engage with her fans. Positivetly, the journey then led to the possibilty of being able work with the likes of the impeccably talented, up and coming Regggae artist High Tempo where she provided backing vocals and starred within her first music video of which was ‘Who Say I’, as well as now resulting in liasing with the phenomenal Reggae producer Noel Browne (who has previously worked with sensational artists such as Sugar Minnott, Freddie Mcgreggor and Maccka B. Due to the artist being obsesed with Michael Jackson and the facination of portraying a story and message through her music, the singers’,  inspirational, first ever debut single ‘My Story’ could be created and solidifed and is soon to release on Friday 12th March. As the chapters continue to unravel, the now 20 year old remains in the studio continuing to channel her creative flow as she works upon her first E.P of which is schedule to drop within summertime of 2021, with collaborations stemmed in the pipeline. To be giving any option in a career, Litesha doesn’t hesitate to say, “this is my endeavour, not my hobby. Music is what I NEED to fulfil for the rest of my life and I shall never EVER give up”. 


Teè Leonie has completed several live performances within Birmingham with one of her highlights being Kohiba Nightclub as well as surrounding areas with her sights set on the capital, London and worldwide. Currently at University she states that she is at her ‘prime’ and it’s only a matter of time before all is revealed, there is nothing stopping this striving artist to reach height she knows she will get to with hard work and perserverance.